Saturday, 24 August 2019

Friday, August 16th, 2019

Shawinigan, Quebec

A Soft Rain

A soft rain overnight made the day just right.  I've been resisting the lake swim, overcoming a cold.  It's hard for me because I always consider myself a water-baby.  However, there's plenty of engagement in just sitting down and listening to seminars on topics, "Guilt," and "Forgiveness," by Mahatma and Jahnava, a marvelous husband and wife team.  And it's always a delight to hear Sruti Kirti, speak about his two and half years in personal assistance to our guru, Prabhupada.  It's so sweet.

It is now an annual event to have carloads of us bhakti-yogis sing and dance down the streets of Shawinigan, population 50,000.  It's one of those charming tourist traps.  In at least two gazebos, an outdoor piano is up for use by someone with magic hands.  For this, someone like Gaura or Krishna Dulal hops on the bench and plays away.  We then become an even happier bunch.  In one sense, we take the town by storm.  Usually serene, with our invasion, there's fifty of us, I believe we bring on a new version of the word ‘serenity’.

Back at the Art of Living lodge, I performed a dramatic reading with two comrades.  A Sanskrit playwright, Bhasa, wrote a number of dramas, one of which is, "The Embassy."  I read the role of evil "Duryodhana," a character from the epic, "Mahabharat."  Krishnadas, my buddy, read for the Chamberlain, and a fairly-new-comer to bhakti-yoga, Daniel, read the words of Krishna, who merely makes an appeal for justice and peace on behalf of the pious Pandavas.

May the Source be with you!
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