Sunday, 11 August 2019

Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Milton, Ontario

Love Story

Today I took the commuter GO Train to Milton and to the home of Ugresh.  Union Station in Toronto is where I boarded. Boy, it is a place to get lost, an incredible maze of underground doorways and corridors.  In situations like this, I usually consider such confusion a consolation in the end.  Hey, I got some walking in.

The ride was great—no Friday afternoon jam whatsoever.  That's why I like trains.  They forge ahead with little obstacle.

At the home, I was met with ‘new’ families, people of Southeast Asian origin who are relatively new to Krishna Consciousness.  Friday is their night to do some bonding through chanting, discussion, reading and food. Tonight was to be different, because a monk was coming to give them the lead.

Frankly the group was so new, no one whom I saw could play a drum, so I picked up the mrdunga and started tapping away.  This was followed by a reading and explanation from a chapter of the book Krishna.  This enthralled the children in attendance.  They love Krishna.  We read the story of Krishna and Balaram's sister, Subhadra, and how she was deeply fond of the warrior Arjuna.  Similarly, Arjuna could not get Subhadra out of his mind.

Anyway, it's a love story, and anytime the pastime is read, there is interest for the listeners.  At least the group, young and old, were listening.  What will it be like when book readings become irrelevant due to screen takeover?

May the Source be with you!
1 km at Union Station

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