Saturday, 31 August 2019

Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Saint John, New Brunswick

Day of Fast, We Did Last

Our drive to New Brunswick, a very scenic experience, allowed for a feast for the eyes. To some degree the word ‘feast’ became significant to Samuel, Marshall, Nicholas and myself.  At the stroke of midnight, we will break our full day fast on this auspicious day of Krishna's birthday.  It is not that food is on the mind, necessarily, though hunger pangs do rise. It's a dose of determination that makes for success in this realm of resistance.

As the day rolled out, the four of us scored well, despite the fact that once we arrived in St. John, we were committed to conducting a program at a community centre, to honour Krishna's birthday.  Approximately one hundred people came to hear and view our devotional presentation, and on top of that, all the attendees were blessed with an outstanding feast.  Still the fast was on for the four of us.  12 midnight was our magic time.

The resistance I spoke about is an obliged form of discipline.  Keeping ourselves busy, or engaged, is the formula for honouring a fast.  In my travels, whether on foot or by conveyance, we always look for signs of the spirit or some manifestation of God.  While on our travels today a pleasant reminder of what's divine came our way.  For instance at one point there was construction going on the road, which meant we were at a clear stop for some time.  Right in front of us, in queue, was a truck, a RAM.  It was staring us in the face for some minutes.  For some reason or another that brand of truck kept appearing. (RAM is a sacred sound in our Vedic context.)  A lay person may not see it as such, but for those familiar with Sanskrit it is.  I want to thank Nakula, Sara, and Kadamba and his family for being good sports of the spirit.

May the Source be with you!
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