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Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Pelee Island, Ontario

Happiness on the Island

It is remarkable that I even made it to this island.  After an overnight flight, I landed in Toronto to be picked up for a four hour drive to Leamington, the continent’s epicentre for  green-housing, where I boarded a ferry.  The waters of Lake Erie are high.  According to Mike from Cleveland: "Thirty-one inches above normal height."  People are shocked when you tell them this island, once inhibited by a number of tribes, is at the same latitude as Northern California. Pelee has become, for a few folks, an annual retreat place.  It's ideal, with hardly any traffic, few residents, gorgeous water all around and water that is of a good warm temperature.  With all the walking I've done, I find the feel and sound of the water to be very therapeutic.  Gaura from Erin, Ontario, also came to join, and he is enjoying the serenity of the place very much.  Newcomer to Krishna Consciousness is Naveen, originally from the Punjab, who finds it a jewel of a place.  And Tom, retired school teacher from Nunavut, way up north, also came to catch the vibes of ease.

In the evening we all took to the beach to sit around the campfire, to chant and read from the book, Chasing the Rhinos, about some of the exquisite attributes of Prabhupada, the guru who came to the West to deliver the message of monk, Chaitanya.  More than just spreading the message of ahimsa, non-violence, Chaitanya encouraged the culture of kirtan, which is just what we were doing while sitting around the fire, before retiring for one of the best slumbers I've had in my life.

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