Saturday, 31 August 2019

Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Moncton, New Brunswick

Offering to Guru (Prabhupada)

It was evening ārati time,
Which began at a clock’s precise chime
And from that gorgeous shrine
Was projected—softly—your voice divine.
From the modest speaker box it came,
A sound that only purity can claim.
It was the subject of ten avatars
Some who declare peace while others—wars.
No vibration could dare to match
Your depth and power, the ear to catch
The pastimes of courageous heroes
And saints of softer mellows.
The harmonium you play hums through the song
Causing the listener to crave and long.
These stories that you brought us
These songs that you taught us
Where relationships are foremost
Leave prema as our anchor post.
Each stanza that you had sung
Resonates like a bell well rung.
Your message is of surrender to Him
Done through mantra and hymn
Passing through the gate we call “servant”
Which means one who’s never a deviant.
Moved by the way you sing the tune
Emotions are stirred, peaked like high noon.
I wish the whole world could hear it too
Because it is happiness we all wish to pursue
I must hear it again and yet again
When the pūjārī presses “play” and then . . .
Jaya Jagadisha Hare
Jaya Jagadisha Hare
Jaya Jagadisha Hare.
                                                      © Bhaktimarga Swami

Today is Guru's Birthday.

May the Source be with you!
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