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Monday, July 29th, 2019

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Features

Gulls, crows, magpies, jack rabbits, squirrels and even a beaver are among the wildlife that make up much of the population in their respective residences in Calgary.  That is what you see and hear on trails and by waterways.

Human encounter is inevitable.  My interaction with such species you can put in the bhakti yoga bracket.  My dear Gaurachandra, the first student I gave diksha to back in June of 1990, lives here.  I always see him when I come to town.  He keeps me updated on issues.  For instance, the city hosts the largest outdoor event in the world.  It's called the Calgary Stampede.  This year, as usual, a fair attendance was the reality. Many of the main features are Cowboy related.  In the course of the showmanship with horse and cow, this year six horses died in the process through injury or stressed over-worked instances, said Gaurachandra.

What else?

Well, Calgary has a good chunk of progressive thinkers although the entire province of Alberta has gained a reputation of strong conservatism.

Tonight's program was a sangha in which both conservative and liberal Vaishnavas attended at the home of Nanda Gopal and Tulasi Puja.  Anyone who broadens their perspective on life through devotion is open to the great values of the universe while they are practising a good form of orthodoxy.

May the Source be with you!
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