Sunday, 11 August 2019

Thursday, August 1st, 2019

Chatham, Ontario

At Home Base

It was just by pure luck that my brother, Paul, who had come out east to Ontario to celebrate his 60th—along with our sister, his twin, Pauline—was at that street corner in Chatham when we pulled up.  Another sister, Rose Ann, owns a book store across the street from the Chatham Kent Public Library.  There was Paul and Rose Ann, prepared to go for a walk.  Our being there at that moment was magical.  Coincidence?  It was certainly not planned.  Chatham is where I and my five siblings were born.  Now, we were having this spontaneous family reunion, although missing three more siblings.

It became quite special having a walk with family in the place of our birth.  From the City Council Hall where St. Joseph's Hospital once stood,  we took a promenade along the boardwalk of the Thames River.  "You wouldn't want to swim in that!" said Joyce (Paul's wife who was also with us), noting the silty, muddy waters.

"As a matter of fact, we used to. I guess you could say we developed a kind of immunity," I said to Joyce, considering that not the clearest water was next to us, and farm run-off into the waterway has been a reality for decades.

Anyway, our visit was precious.  I also mentioned to Gaura that we loved each other as we grew up, referring to us brothers and sisters.  He was curious as to where my family live.  

"A little bit scattered, but we like to get together," I responded.  

Gaura was happy.  My sister, Rose Ann, does foot care, and gave him a quick pedicure.  I admit to having been next in the queue for her to look at my ‘walking feet’.

May the Source be with you!
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