Saturday, 24 August 2019

Saturday, August 17th , 2019

Vancouver, British Columbia

Sunset Speaks

There are lovers sitting on park benches and families, too—people of all sorts and kinds speaking in multiple languages, Spanish, Russian, French and maybe English.  They are enjoying Stanley Park at the water's edge of English Bay.  Several of them are casually picking wild blackberries as they walk by, not initially intending to,  but upon looking, some say, "Oh!  Let me try these out."  Usually it's not just one but two, or three.  You pluck one and let it dive in your mouth.  They are soft and melt down quickly before sliding down the tube.

I arrived at the park just in time to catch a few bars of the maha mantra sung by the popular "Mayapuris" music group.  They really stirred up the crowd.  Good boys.  All three, Bali, Keesh and Vish, are young husbands and fathers.  Bali will announce shortly his first child is on the way.

"Family life is good," I tell them.  "It means bending for your partner and kids.  You have to work hard at holding it together."  The message was appreciated.

I also met Bala from Mumbai.  He's in town on business.  He's also a father and husband.  He speaks proudly of his daughter, who's old enough now to understand the difference between the good and bad company one may keep.

Bala and I walked along the wall at Stanley Park, noting nature and the people.  We caught a glimpse of the sunset which is always trying to say something to us about time ticking away.  Both the rising and setting of the sun is saying: "Enjoy me, but I'm the red flag saying, 'You're gonna die.'"

May the Source be with you!
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