Saturday, 31 August 2019

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Montreal, Quebec

“Let’s Get Sattvic!”

A six hour bus ride on Megabus brought Nicolas and I (and seventy-nine other passengers) to downtown Montreal.  I mentioned to him that we could relax and let the bus empty out before we exit. "We don't need to be part of the stampede," I suggested.

The woman sitting in front of us was of the same spirit.  She also waited, and hearing a piece of our conversation said, "I work for an airlines as a flight attendant and I can tell you this, because I'm not in uniform, the biggest agitation is when the plane hasn't parked yet and all the passengers, in a frenzy, get up and start moving."

It was kind of nice to hear things from her perspective.  Anyone can appreciate the mayhem that this kind of thing creates. Anyway, we made a rapid friend.

With no real chance to walk today, I surrendered to services in demand at ISKCON Montreal.  I spoke with two leaders and to some young new members (monks are joining), and then proceeded to give class.  It's the eve of Krishna's birthday and I chose to read and comment on the coming of Krishna and the reason for His descent to the world.

Krishna came because there was trouble in the world.  "Unruly kings" was the term given for dictators agitating and disturbing the planet Earth.  Surely it was bad, as it is now.  There ischaos now and to some degree there always will be.  A change of consciousness, a mentality of patience, can truly help.  If I can use the phrase: "Let's get sattvic!"

May the Source be with you!
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