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Tuesday, March 28th, 2017
Brampton, Ontario

Food and the Thereafter

A small group of us from the ashram were invited for a noon-time meal at a household in Brampton.  The hosts were a Punjabi family, Rajarsi and Ragni, and son Sanjay, who’s in his 40’s now.  I knew him as a youngster when I taught Sunday School.

Some days before the lunch appointment I mentioned to the head cook, Ragni, that I’m on a low purine diet due to gout.  That means low on dairy, lentils and even veggies which I like such as asparagus.  Much of these items I can take in small portions when I’m up on more fibre food—carrots, broccoli and so on.

Now, one of our girls from Europe, Adi Shakti, is on a raw diet so I guaranteed her, beforehand, that her wishes would be satisfied.

We held a spontaneous kirtan in the home.  I had no drum so the make-shift one from a cardboard box did fine.  Then we went to the dinner table and to our surprise all needs were met.  Adi Shakti had her macrobiotic meal, I had ‘steamies’ and other preps in moderation, and Hara Kumar, who’s a Xerox-copy of Woody Allen, and is small-framed, ate like a horse.

The healthy options were there.  East Indian fare was plentiful on the table and even a kind of Sheppard’s pie came our way.

These dishes were all offered as prasadam—consecrated.  Ragni really pulled off a winner.  The drive to and fro, from Toronto to the outreaches of Brampton is an hour each way.  To walk off the calories upon the return home I went for a zestful six kilometres.

May the Source be with you!

6 km

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