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Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Belle Mare, Mauritius

Swimming, No Walking

The next best thing to walking is swimming, and one of the best beaches on the island of Mauritius is Belle Mare, which I frequent when I come here.  We justify such recreation after hours in flight and  automobiles.

Blocking out a two hour period was the time slotted for wet fun.  Eight of us guys went—all Krishna devotees.  We took the challenge to swim the distance to the coral reef, taking care to step where you see white sand; everything else that’s dark below could be a prickly urchin, or who knows what.  Varieties of fish surrounded us.  We were in scaly company.

Reaching the reef was a first for our group.  Of course, I'm just a visitor, but I guess it takes a North American’s bravado, or foolishness, to dare what some locals will not.

This was a kind of a milestone for us because of the distance.

Nick, from Russia, watched over our beachwear and belongings while we got wet.  On our return he said, “I counted eight of you who went in but only seven came out.”

“Who was missing?” we asked.

It was Bishma from South Africa.  He got out of the water fast for what they call in this part of the world, “a toilet break.”

“Who’s breaking a toilet?” the question was asked, and all in good fun.

The fun continued.  Seven hours were then given to the spiritual theatre practice I'm involved in so often.  It’s so rewarding.  People tell me all the time, “Thanks for engaging our youth.”

May the Source be with you!

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