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Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Brampton, Ontario

New Sacred Space

What sent me to Brampton today was the opening of a new home in the northwest end, in a truly urban-sprawl part of the city.  Manish and Deepa are the happy owners of this new place, on a new street, with new mud all about.  Yes, there’s been rain, but today’s sun seems to shine on the house and the proprietors.

I arrived at noon, after the havan ceremony, a fire ritual, which was conducted by a brahmana priest.  In attendance were a lot of new faces.

My role was the usual—give a holy pep talk and lead in some kirtan.  I had youngsters sit in front and parents behind.  It was a bit tough trying to capture the attention of one boy, about seven, as he was immersed in his device.  Overall, the technique works rather well—keeping children in the front and actually focusing my message on them.  Parents love the interaction I encourage.

Buying a new or second-hand home is fairly common within our community.  This one is medium in size.  Some of them are monster homes; imposing large ones.

One local person said, “This location is at the very edge of Brampton’s limits,” indicating ‘development’ is a true phenomenon.  I mentioned wildlife from the area are being pushed further and further away.  Bears were once here.  Cougars also.  They’ve been long gone.  So much for coyotes, fox and other native and glorious creatures.  “Expect the skunks to hang around.”  With that, Manish had a good laugh.

“Manish, please make your home a sacred space for chanting, spiritual reading and welcoming people.”

May the Source be with you!

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