Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

Toronto, Ontario

Everyone Was Out

Everyone was out, meaning in the out-of-doors, wrapped in mild weather.  Wherever there was a trail, families explored with their toddlers and dogs.  The young, the elderly and every age bracket in between came out as nature beckoned.

“Spring is now in the air,” is what Mother Nature seemed to say.

The only thing is you cannot trust this Mama.  She is brown today and will be green next week, then greener, and still greener, in fact so intensely green she will change colours.  She’ll pick a new tone of yellow, orange, and red to deep brown.  Then she’ll become white and silver.  Her texture changes beautifully over the seasons.  She appears to go through emotions and is the ultimate Drama Queen.

But we like the changes.  Variety is the masala—the spice of life.

I had two companions with me as we took to one of those Discovery Walks in the city.  And while we put our hour in for chanting, we also put our legs to work in the ravine for that cherishable escape from indoors.

Praharana, my dear godsister, came in the evening for the Sunday Open House at the ISKCON Centre.  She told me she did the same as we did—strolled and chanted.

Now that would be a perfect world: people going out to touch nature to say to that Queen, “Hello!” and then to “Hello!” everyone else.  If you say the Sanskrit word “Haribol!” then you address the Father (Krishna) and people think you said the more familiar “Hello!”

May the Source be with you!

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