Sunday, 30 April 2017

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Toronto / Cleveland

Vrndavana Meditations

Vrndavana Meditations, with photography by Bhurijana Das is a flip book of pics and sayings that I'm having a look at in the home of Mike and Paurnamasi in Cleveland.

The photos are just excellent images of the sacred land of Vrndavana where Krishna played and roamed as a youngster.  One image I'm seeing is of a turbaned man sitting at the edge of a marvellously carved fa├žade of a roof top.  And before him is a large rustic pot with smoke emanating from it.  The caption reads, “O Sri Radhika!  O Giridhari!  May the breeze of Your mercy clear my smoke-filled mind.  May it transform me, a fool, into a true sadhu, chanting Your names with taste, attachment, and longing at ancient Keshi Ghat.”

Radhika refers to Krishna’s consort.  Giridhari refers to Krishna’s affiliation with the hill.  Keshi ghat refers to the water hole where the notorious and vile Keshi was slain.

Our minds are usually not clear, but cluttered.  Smoke obscures our vision.  The more we chant attentively, the more our mind behaves.

My comment on chanting is, if we do so, in sweetness, then we start sounding like those spring birds who are so prevalent in the atmosphere now.

Take on the Vrndavana spirit!  Clear the mind!  Taste the flavour!

May the Source be with you!

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