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Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Toronto, Ontario

A Centipede

A centipede was crawling across the floor.  Rarely do I see one but when one does make an appearance, it’s special for me.

One reason for that being so is if ever anyone questions the extra arms some Vedic deities display, like Vishnu, Durga or the multi-armed, half-man half-lion avatar, then I can point out we have examples in nature which demonstrate multiple arms or legs.  Extra limbs are not limited to God.  Another reason why I consider the centipede to be auspicious is I feel that here, in fact, is a display of nature, which is alive and well.  We humans haven’t succeeded at killing everything—yet.  I know centipedes are in the category of creepy-crawlies which do cause some people to cringe or flee.  They are harmless as far as I can understand.

I’ve heard they can bite, but it’s not fatal.  I definitely wouldn’t want one crawling up my leg while in bed.  That would be irritating or disturbing.

I was watching the fellow trying to make his way around.  Like practically every creature on the planet, there is a search for food.  They go after bugs, worms and spiders, even cockroaches.  I think that’s what he was up to.

One line from the book Bhagavatam states, “Jivo jivasya jivanam,” which means “One living being is food for another.”  The food chain is at work here.

My newly-made friend wasn’t exactly bee-lining his way along.  He looked a little confused.

“Shall I go here, or there?”

I did chant before him, hoping the sound would be of some purification for him.

May the Source be with you!

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