Friday, 28 April 2017

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Blue Bay, Mauritius 

Mauritian Wrap Up 

Highlights of Mauritian stay:

1)    A mongoose crosses in front of us as we walk.
2)    A swim to the coral reef at Belle Mare.
3)    A trail of sand and snails became our walking zone.
4)    A swim at 11 p.m. amidst flying fish.
5)    Making friends with a 150 year old tortoise.
6)    Drama practices under a grass-roof veranda.
7)    Knowing the enemy is not the huge cockroach, but the mind.
8)    Presenting the drama “Mr. Puri” to a full house (750).
9)    A magician pulling a rabbit out of the box at my request.
10) The walk through the botanical gardens with friends.
11) A chat with godbrothers, Sri Nekatan and Arjuna.
12) The meals of a low purine nature at Amar’s.
13) The meeting with the youth, discussing their issues.
14) Giving classes from the book Bhagavatam.
15) Playing charades using chapters from the book, Krishna.
16) Having the company of Kala, Balarama and Bishma.
17) Honouring first and second initiations to followers.
18) Hearing a good, professionally played-out, tabla recital.
19) Ball tossing in the water with community members.
20) Writing these blogs on a daily basis, thanks to Dhruva and Abhidheya Prabhus—bless you honey childs!
21) Receiving successful reports from our travelling monks.
22) Bonding with the local Krishna devotees.
23) Meeting and making new friends.
24) Viewing the Bon Accueil and Phoenix deities of Krishna.
25) Enjoying the laid-back atmosphere of Mauritius.
26) Keeping busy writing, and reading, but with some recreation.
27) Sweating, which is good for the health, cause it’s humid.
28) The visit to Le Morne and the cliffs of suicide.
29) Feeling the love of the people—lots of Hindus!

May the Source be with you!

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