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Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Bon Accueil, Mauritius 

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Feedback on the performances of the “Shakti Show,” was all positive.  Last night the audience of vaishnavas and newcomers was delighted by a magic show, tabla drum performers, a kirtan group and our drama of “Mr. Puri.”  It seems that events like this—events of a more social and cultural nature—haven’t been very much encouraged on this remote island of Mauritius.  There are many devotional activities in motion and with 40% of the population being Hindu you can expect a lot of poojas and such.  Now, kirtan is more emphasized, but entertainment…?

At least one person expressed this concern and offered his opinion on it.

Besides going through a day of contentment with appreciation being expressed all around, our group of four—Balaram, Kala, Bishma and myself—the members of cast and crew for “Mr Puri,” were busy.  It was a marathon of sweetness for me delivering four lessons on bhakti.  One of these lessons was a more casual talk with members of Pandava Sen and Young Warriors of Krishna Balarama.  The topic was to do with the interaction of the generation before them, and how to forge ahead with projects of a devotional nature and not get discouraged.

It was also natural for me to pose the scenario that this group of young talent would indeed succeed in administrative responsibilities for the ISKCON movement for the future.

Indeed our team of four were busy, but we decided to dip in the ocean’s calm waters at 11:00 p.m. after a much needed walk along a sandy trail.

May the Source be with you!

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