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“A day spent in El Peten—notorious bandit territory was counterbalanced by the discovery of some hidden Mayan pyramids in a jungle in Mexico,” tells Levison Wood.  I couldn’t pass up reading an article, “The Wake of Life,” in the Emirates “Open Skies” flight magazine.  This adventurist, Levison, covered 2,897 kilometres on foot from Mexico to Colombia and through Central America.  He’s done several other treks including crossing the Himalayas.

Like all crazy walkers, Levison has taken his chances with the elements, jungles, wildlife and people.  Yes, people.  Gangs are something to contend with, through the Americas, he admits.  In that regard he’s a survival expert, partially because he takes help from those who can take him through treacherous trails.  One time it was a pastor who knew his way around.

It’s stories like these, about people with bravado, that are inspirational.  I’m not sure that Wood has taken up spirituality on any of the treks, but I bet you anything, at least he is likely to see divinity in the natural world around.

To hear about some of his adventures in a synopsis of his walk through Mexico and South America was enough to cause my jealous side to surge.  I was stuck in a confined chair, strapped down.  The only difference between my seat at 18D and an electric chair was the zap.

It is tapasya, austerity, an inconvenience that leads to a greater gain.  I had to switch my paradigm and come to terms with a willing acceptance of the inconvenience.  I’m sure that Levison is in situations where he finds himself in a chair for several hours. 

Physically, in order to walk, you must sit for some time.  In order to sit, you must walk for some time.

May the Source be with you!

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