Sunday, 23 April 2017

Monday, April 17th, 2017

Durban, South Africa

Appreciation for the Dramas

I’ve been here for a week, being very busy especially in shaping two dramas for stage presentation at the Chariot Fest.  The special treat for this morning was a walk near the ocean at Umhlanga, just north of Durban.  Tamohara arranged for a group of us to take this trail where you have ocean, jungle, swamp and city.  It’s been the most relaxed time since I came here.  Overall, great hospitality, food, weather—it’s fall here—and company.  I’ve managed to squeeze in a few minutes with sannyasi monks.

Here’s some feedback on the two dramas presented:

Regarding “The Gita”:
“The first time I saw your, ‘The Gita,’ I could understand what the message was.  Not before,”
“‘The Gita’ was so engaging for the audience and performers.”
“My mother, a Christian, was crying at the words and movement in ‘The Gita.’”

Regarding “Many Mothers Many Fathers”:
            “It is very deep.  I got goose-bumps with the queen scene.”
“The best thing you’ve done so far.”
Radha Sundari
“The script is brilliant.  You’ve inspired the youth with the dramas.  They started their own theatre group.  Now they’re taking interest in kirtan (chanting).”
“Jayananda, the little boy who became the dead son, is absolutely adorable.”
Senior woman
“There are so many strong emotions in the story.  I appreciated the wisdom that came through.  People need to hear this.  They attend so many funerals, but they don’t know what is really going on at death.”
“That guy playing the king really knows how to dance.”

May the Source be with you!

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