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Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Durban, South Africa

The Show Did Go On
Thanks to Kadamba Kanana Swami, Dutch-born monk extraordinaire of chanting and teaching.  He kindly handed me a book, hot off the press.  Golokera Prema Dhana (Sabda Press) is a collection of Vaishnava quotes.  If I could just share two of them.

The Cow of My Senses
The cow of my senses, who yearns to hear the narration of the Lord’s pastimes in Gokula, has become very unhappy by wandering in the desert of my voice.  I pray the merciful saintly devotees may lead that cow to the oasis of my ears and there feed her the nectar of Krishna’s pastimes.
Krsnadas Kaviraj

The Horse of the Mind
Beaten by hundreds of whips of material sufferings, the horse of my mind is running wildly on the dangerous road of the senses.  O Lord Madhava, please rein in that wild horse and tie it to the hitching post of Your lotus feet with the ropes of strong devotional service.

There’s more juice in this book.  Thank you K. K. Swami.

Both Kadamba and I gave initiation to two brothers.  Senathur is a film maker from Pretoria, and I gave him the name “Sri Ram.”  His younger photographer brother received diksha (initiation) from Kadamba who gave the name “Dhanudhara.”

The initiation ceremony—which actually involved a few more dynamics than I mentioned here—crowned my morning.  The evening crown was the premiere performance of “Many Mothers Many Fathers” highlighting the life of Emperor Chitraketu.  The story makes a strong endorsement for reincarnation.

May the Source be with you!

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