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Wednesday, March 29th 2017

Toronto, Ontario

Like Kids

I always get a thrill when I take what I consider city kids into a country atmosphere.  They’re not exactly kids but junior to me in decades.  Perhaps the nomenclature could be justified.  Our guru, Srila Prabhupada, used the term “you boys and girls,” when he was in his 70’s and we were in our late twenties.

With me, down the ravine within the city limits, was Luv, Adi Shakti and Muza—one boy and two girls.  The sign read “Discovery Walk.”

“So, shall we?” I asked for confirmation.

“Yes!”  It was unanimous.

What did we explore?

A woodpecker close to our feet.  Sparrows in the bush.  A red cardinal as curious as we were, but too fast to get close to.  Also, geese and ducks, quite ordinary fowl, enjoying the water ways at the Brickworks, which was something else to discover.

“This was once the place where all the bricks in the city were made.  It was a quarry of sizeable dimension that we are now in.  Ponds were developed by redirecting some creek water nearby.  Indigenous trees were also planted here.  I’ve seen the place shape up to become desirable.  It has been transformed from an empty, cavernous big hole.

“They do weddings here now, and hold festivals, flea markets and craft shows.  It’s a happening place with concerts in the summer.  Perhaps it will be ideal for future kirtan.  What do you think?”  I asked my companions, especially the girls who are planning to organize kirtan chanting sessions as are done in Europe.

“Oh yes!” they all said enthusiastically.

They were truly in wonder at the sights and sounds.  They were like kids exploring and learning.

May the Source be with you!

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