Thursday, 13 April 2017

Monday, April 10th, 2017

Durban, South Africa

To Be A Butterfly

There was a stop-over in Dubai with no time to relax.  I do appreciate the fact that I could walk between concourses, which was a long haul.

Back again in flight, this time in seat 10D, and my body is weary, but not tired enough for a deep sleep.  Let’s say it’s because I cannot recline, therefore, no slumber.  I dozed at times, but so momentarily.  I had been sipping water, enough to have a half-mouthful, in order to swish it around and bring it to room temperature before swallowing.  At one time, I felt such sleepiness that after swishing I actually closed my eyes and lowered my head.  Fatigue caused my mouth to open and a waterfall ensued, wetting my front.

It was a good thing that those around me were asleep.  The person to my right was immersed in playing his digital game.  I was spared the embarrassment.

At the same time, most people do all kinds of interesting things with their bodies.  There are burps, snores, and other sounds that emerge from any of the nine gates.  Those folks who take advantage of consuming duty-free items usually end up being very giddy, exerting unique kinds of laughing sounds.

I was glad to finally land in Durban, to then arrive at the Chatsworth temple, to eat prasadam, shower, watch live theatre by the Bhakti Theatre group and then lead a group of drama aspirants into a workshop.

We stretched to our outer limits, physically, through warm-up exercises.  This was much needed to pull me out of the cocoon experience I had just gone through.  I felt, suddenly, as if a butterfly.

May the Source be with you!

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