Thursday, 13 April 2017

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

North York, Ontario

Nothing Today

We are looking at above freezing weather.  Rain is very persistent, not coming down in buckets, but it is very clearly contributing to the regeneration of natural things.  It’s a system of cycles.  We were here before, experiencing spring rain, and we will encounter it again through seasonal wonders.

Today was one of those unfortunate days for me, having not moseyed for even a kilometre.  Weather was being somewhat of a deterrent.  I did pace a piece indoors, the only claim to keeping up a reputation of sorts as a walker.

I took a ride to Rupanuga’s place, and there, with his daughter Radha Bhakti and her hubby, Hari Prasad, we were set to talk about controversial topics.  These topics revolved around same-sex relationships and marriages—to include a discussion on the position of women, as well as the status of people of different skin colours.  Juicy stuff!

Just what is the Krishna Conscious standpoint on these subject matters?

It’s too bad that we actually never got to the topics as we set out to.  Time was restrictive and an ekadashi (grainless) meal occupied minutes.  “Keep topics light over eating” is the habit of those in Vaishnava traditions.

So there will be some quality time set aside for important katha (dialogue) in the future, since no official statements have been made by our leaders on these matters.

It’s important.

May the Source be with you!

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