Thursday, 30 March 2017

Monday, March 27th, 2017
Miami, Florida

Stick to Walking

I’ll stick to walking, I thought, when I saw this one devotee climb his way up the coconut tree.

Prabhupada Krpa is a Cuban-born bachelor who is quite the committed follower of Krishna.  He’s lanky, thin and agile.  It’s a cinch for him to get up a tree, grab a coconut, toss it down and then, with grace, shimmy his way down the tree trunk; all that, while in a dhoti—and with a smile.  He’s got the body for it.

He can climb any tree.  I’ve seen it.  He will tackle the tall, erect ones, or even a very bent over one.  Coconut water is one of the best ways of quenching a thirst.  It’s a super hydration food.  It’s nutritious but low in purine content.  They are the best of the nuts.

Whenever I come to Miami, Prabhupada Krpa, who knows my liking for these organic pieces of circular wonder, offers to fetch one for me.  I prefer the younger green ones.

The coconut tree is not plentiful on the ISKCON plot of land off Virginia Street in Coconut Grove, but they do cast a certain amount of shade.  There’s at least one large mango tree on the property, but I’m not usually here during mango season in the summer to enjoy it.  I usually stay clear of visits to Florida at that time.  It’s too hot and humid.

I know that a monk should be ready to take to any form of austerity, but I find I’m less productive under such circumstances.  It’s great to be in Canada at that time of year.  You’re not sluggish.  One thing about being a monastic is that you are also obliged to use your good sense.

May the Source be with you!

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