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New Findings 

Ekadasi is a day when followers of the Vaishnava tradition (Krishna tradition) honour a vow to abstain from eating grain, and increase their devotions.  It falls every fortnight.  It’s today we are so obliged.

What I wanted to highlight in this blog is an article forwarded to me (thanks Abhidheya) about archeological findings confirming the authenticity and antiquity of a Krishna culture.  According to the source of info— www.indiadivine.orgthere is an ancient coin with Krishna on one side, and His brother, Balarama, on the other, dating back to 180 B.C.E.  Recently unearthed in Al Khanoun, Afghanistan, this discovery is the earliest proof that Krishna was revered as a god, “and that the worship had spread beyond the Mathura region,” states TKV Rajan, archaeologist, who was holding a five-day exhibition titled, “In Search of Lord Krishna.”

His studies and findings throw fresh light on the era of Krishna.  It has been over five years since discoveries were made at Tholavira, near Dwarka, which is according to Epic’s such as The Mahabharata, where Krishna ruled, approximately 5,000 years ago.  Apparently, a coin reveals that Krishna is devoid of his famed peacock feather, but then one follower suggested that in Dwarka, Krishna was not adorned with the peacock feather.

Rajan indicates there is an image of a wooden plough, which is mentioned in the book The Bhagavatam.  The image of the conch and the Sudarshan Chakra (wheel) are unmistakably obvious imprints on the square-shaped coins.

A grandiose discovery!

May the Source be with you! Happy Ekadasi!

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