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Saturday, March 4th, 2017


On the Way

I went through the terrors of traffic in Delhi.  A sweet devotee of Krishna, Satya Narayan, who lives, works and prays, all within one block of the temple, was my driver to the airport.  I’m going back home.  He told me something a friend said, “In India the people are very loving but they are not human.  In many countries they are human but not necessarily loving.”

When I heard this statement regarding life in India and particularly how traffic and space is handled, I was quite inclined to agree with words of such profundity.  As we fought traffic, dodging and charging in mayhem, I looked out my window, peering at some of the drivers.  There’s a sweetness, an air of optimism on the faces that I could detect.  And I felt confused and ambivalent seeing cheerfulness in chaos.

“Ignorance is bliss,” I moaned out to Satya as we continued on in the rat race.  Satya, himself, smiled.  Maybe I’m too much of a grump, but no, scripture tells the truth of Kali-yuga, the present age of darkness.  Should I pretend all is well?  I just feel right “calling a spade a spade.”  The honking, the aggression, the sudden shift of lanes, the regular bottle-necking of vehicles, and all in the areas of road construction brought to a halt during the night.

“Visions of hell,” I thought.  I chanted, but the madness did not go away.  I said to Satya, “This is now, but what about ten years from now?  Do you think auto-salespeople will stop selling their cars?  No!”

Satya kept smiling and truly shared with me the woes of what we were witnessing, only I was more depressed about it.

Eco-villages, let’s get going!

May the Source be with you!

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