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Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Vrndavana, India

Back in Krishna’s Back Yard

When I arrived in Vrndavana, it was a little late for darshan (viewing of the Krishna deities) but my craving for some veggie-filled Chow Mein was an irresistible one.  One manager at the Krsna Balarama Temple, Pancha Gauda, made sure the desire was fulfilled.

I did squeeze in a visit to dear friend, Gunagrahi Swami, suffering from cancer.  How is he dealing with it?  It’s the evening kirtans which he organizes that are keeping his spirits up.

Through the course of the day, I have been indulging in the book, Sannyasis in Modernity, covering high and low points in the not-long history of renouncers in the Hare Krishna movement.  Again, good research.

One gentleman came to me, near the temple, with a pressing question.  “I understand from the books, like Bhaktivinode’s Jaiva Dharma, that it is necessary to explore your sambhandha (unique and personal relationship with God) in order to attain self-realization.  How can this be achieved?”

My response to him was that relations among devotee peers is the way to Godhead.  “Let us achieve this channel first.  This is the green light.  Please the fellow servants and win the favour of the master.”

The man walked on in a calm mood, grateful to have something to dwell on.  I lingered on with the concept.  “Surely, this is the way of reaching the Supreme.  It is the blessings and well-wishes from those in our midst which earns us God’s favour.”

May the Source be with you!

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