Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

Toronto, Ontario


Ravi Sharma is an angel.  He is mild, soft, gentle, helpful, and strong physically.  Everything is there; just the wings are missing.  Oh, and he doesn’t get angry.  I checked with his wife, Geeta.

“I’m the one who gets angry,” she said on this beautiful Sunday a.m., and at the time of Ravi’s diksha initiation.  It was during my delivery of words, in the course of the ceremony, while explaining the significance of diksha, that I asked her the question before all.  Her answer caused a buzz.

One additional aspect of Ravi is that he is an avid member of the sankirtan team.  Locally, an active team of weekend warriors go out to public venues (excuse me, monthly for now) and meet the people of the world, give a smile, a word of greeting, show a book on transcendence and try to make the most valuable “connection” in a person’s life.  One that could be transformational.

Ravi is also a companion walker.  He and I have covered some neighbourhood streets together while doing japa meditation.  It’s always a pleasure to be with him.  We don’t need to get into a huge conversation.  Our fixation at these times involves watching where you’re stepping and listening as best as can be to the mantras we chose as our subtle companions.

Our pujaris (priests) from Scarborough, presided over the yajna (sacrifice) using earth, twigs, seeds, herbs, ghee, fruit, veggies, flowers and fire.

Ravi’s diksha name is Ramesvara.

May the Source be with you!

0 km (Gout is out and about)

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