Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Friday, March 24th, 2017
Toronto, Ontario

From the Phone

I did a bit of telephone reception today.  People call in for darshan times.  “What time is the temple open?” is a rather standard question.  They wish to know when they can see God.

The callers are mostly members of the East Indian community.  Engrained in the culture of India is the desire to have a viewing of the icons of Krishna, Shiva, Ganesh and so on.  These images serve as focal points for people.  Let’s call them deities.  Those deities are tangible images in which to channel thoughts desires and wishes.  They have a power invested within that emanates from their very presence when approached in the proper mood and spirit.

The mood we are talking about is the mood of humility.  Humility is often the most difficult emotion to invoke in ourselves.  To feel humble is to feel moments of truth.  In reality, we are small in comparison to the universe and the entire creation itself.

I explained to some students the other day that I like walking because whether its trees, mountains, the vast prairie or even buildings, I am, in their midst, relatively tiny.  I sometimes view these creations, whether compiled by man or nature, as deities.  I feel comfortable in either environments and that, of course, includes being before the deities of Krishna.

It is an important and compelling part of the day when I stand or dance and sing before the deity.  I am moved to be humble and free.

May the Source be with you!

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