Saturday, 25 March 2017

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017
Russell, Ontario


Signs of spring.  It may have been the last blast of real winter which came in a few days ago, leaving remnants of snow piles in this area, but clearly the thaw is on.  Rivulets of water flow as the result of a major melt.  Snow, ice and water are three stages of one element and that’s what you see.

In Barrhaven, a suburb of Ottawa, where our sanga program was to be held, I witnessed nature’s power of the water-flow running under those piles—piles ready to collapse.  Every day, nature seems to take on a new form of it’s own.

In Barrhaven, at the home of Surrender and family, I had a captive audience of adults.  It was in the morning that I had a less captive audience of pre-schoolers.  Basically, they are Krishna kids at school in Russell.  I should say for these young whipper-snappers, I had to work very hard to gain their attention while reading about Krishna and the cowherd boys, His boys.  It required animation and implementing songs.  The teachers gave me informal words of praise.  Had I not become a swami, perhaps my vocation would have been that of a school teacher.

Now, for walking, today I took to somewhat of a frisky pacing in the new community centre, the old Registration Building with its 2500 square feet of expanse.  Nice structure.  In 1915 a major fire ripped through this town and practically flattened everything except this building.  It’s solid, for sure, and it’s now being used for devotion.

May the Source be with you!

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