Friday, 17 March 2017

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017
Timmins, Ontario

I Did Fly

I would have loved to have walked, but it would have taken three weeks to go from Toronto to Timmins.  Flying was practical.  Somehow, Toronto avoided a major snow storm that engulfed the north-east directions, including New York City.  Blackouts and shut downs occurred everywhere, except where I departed from, so it seemed.  The plane did need to be de-iced though.

Soaring in the sky over this northern region, seven hundred kilometres north of Toronto, I saw revealed below, beautiful patterns of wiggly rivers and creeks, and a hilly terrain smoothed-out and softened by a moderate snow-spread.  Boreal and deciduous trees stood erect, pointing to the sun.  No city boxes inhabited this zone until we were getting close to Timmins itself, a mining town.

I was greeted byDr. Riken Patel, a pediatrician.  He brought me to the chalet at Cedar Meadows.  I met Jenny, the owner and proprietor of the Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga studio.  She arranged for Natalie Van Rooy of CTV to come for an interview with The Walking Monk.  Promotions for tonight’s event “Tales from Trails” included Natalie’s six o’clock news.

As a result of the word getting out, Jenny’s studio did reach a full capacity of people, enthusiasts who didn’t mind taking to the lotus position, and sitting on the floor.  My stories from as far back as 1996, when I did my first marathon walk, were as fresh in my mind as yesterday.  All were listening and then all were engaged in kirtan, chanting.

Boy, it was fun!

May the Source be with you!

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