Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Toronto, Ontario

What I Ask!

One mantra that I use when greeting someone in the ashram is actually a question. “Did you get a good rest?” implying “was it deep, was it full and more-or-less uninterrupted?”

I don’t go so far as to probe into their dreams. “Did you dream of Krishna? About guru?” That is very personal and let’s keep it that way—not that it’s wrong to ask.

The answers will be diverse, depending on who you ask and on which day, because it is never an definite yes or no.  It’s usually within the range of ‘anywhere in-between’.

As the day wears on, so do passions.  Speed and depth of involvement grow in intensity.  Do I then dare to ask, “How’s your day?” Those who immerse themselves in devotion have a soul-gratifying day, or should.  Physically, there will always be a challenge so that answer will have its range as well. In any event people feel good that you care.

This afternoon I did a trial-run walking in the park outside our ashram.  I couldn’t go too far with the gout-infected foot. I had to turn around after ten minutes and resume a gentler stroll inside the temple.

Woe is me! I’m anticipating this walk in May, beginning in Nebraska, with two good feet at the base of my legs. God, please help! The gout bulge is sizeable and any shoe placed around it puts on an uneasy squeeze.

“Patience!” reminds my doctor, Dr. Pandit.  “Just try to get a good rest.”

May the Source be with you!

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