Sunday, 5 March 2017

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Vrndavana, India

Triumphs and Defeats

After the morning arati song, one of the temple administrators at Krishna Balarama Mandir announced book scores to the temple goers.

“Matchless Gifts (the temple boutique) sold 326 books.”  He also mentioned one other source, likely a book stall on the premises (I couldn’t quite hear).  There, too, over 300 pieces of transcendental literature was sold, mostly in Hindi and English.  That brings it to a tally of over 600 Bhaktivedanta Book Trust publications going out, on a slow day.

Good news!  People are seeking enlightenment.

One really nice couple from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, had secured a flat (apartment) in the area.  His name is Dharma and hers is Manasi Ganga.  Although not present, they desired to have a house warming, Vedic style, with myself conducting the kirtan.

A group of brahmacaris (monks) accompanied me for the chanting, and oh, how sweet it was, although two of them sang with tone-deafness.  Well intentioned they were, but why sing so loud?  I felt it my duty to let them know that perhaps some lessons in voice would help.  They are Hindi-speaking but I believe they got the point.

For some reason or other, my gout got irritated again.  My medicines were running out and perhaps a spicy tomato soup didn’t help the situation.  My limp is accentuated again and I’ve been doing all I can to stave off further infection.

One medical person brought various flours, and turned them into dough to wrap around my left big toe.  This draws out the infection.  By morning, voila, the pain had subsided.

May the Source be with you!

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