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Friday, December 25th, 2015

Friday, December 25th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario


After my AM walk, I sat down for mantra chanting along with a modest showing of people in the temple. We then did discuss about the birth of Jesus and compared notes to the birth of Krishna. We observed some parallels.

The events surrounding both Krishna and Christ’s birth involved much intrigue during the political climate of the time:

1) - Christ: He appeared during the time of the corrupt King Herod.
- Krishna: He appeared when there was the corrupt King Kamsa

2) - Christ: During His time there was an order that all male children be killed.
- Krishna: All of Krishna’s male siblings were killed before his birth.

3) - Christ: Born in a barn in amidst cows.
- Krishna: After His birth He was transferred to a household where he mingled with the cows as he grew.

4) - Christ: His parents fled, and at birth, baby Jesus was hidden.
- Krishna: After His birth, he was taken for hiding to the countryside.

5) - Christ: It is believed He was born at midnight.
- Krishna: He was born at midnight.

6) - The sound of Christ very much resembles the name of Krishna, which has a variation to the word Krista.

The above was our simple analysis. We also observed a similarity in the disposition of both Christ and Krishna. They both held in their character a sense of peace, yet they were known to exhibit anger at times when necessary.

May the Source be with you!

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