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Friday, December 11th, 2015

Friday, December 11th, 2015
Victoria, British Columbia

About That

My host, Adosha, took me on foot to Swan Lake to circle it. It’s more like the size of a pond, but it was pleasant to be by nature. A second stroll for the day was down a piece of the Trans Canada Trail, which is a foot path that is 17,000 km long. Here we allotted only 4 km at best. It was some panoramic scenery worth remembering. Just a little bit north of Victoria, we took to the trail where you find a former wooden trestle railway bridge. En route we saw some cute signage on someone’s adjoining property that read: ‘No trespassing. My dog’s got a gun, and he hasn’t taken his medication.’

This is cougar/bear/elk country. The type of place I consider a gorgeous chunk of Canadian landscape. It was actually my brother Paul and his good wife, Joyce, who brought me here to show me this incredible landscape. The scent of coniferous trees is a pervasive feature of the area. Outside of seeing a heron with his wide wing span, we saw no other aspect of wildlife, but that’s alright, who needs to tangle with a bear or a cougar right now?

There’s a program we needed to conduct tonight and it was held at Adosha’s place in the Victoria area. It had been a struggle to keep a continuous sangha going in Victoria for some time now. Perhaps we were given another chance to initiate a regular program for establishing a higher consciousness. I would say that our discussions were inspirational and they centered around the value of the human body, which at least I identified as having two purposes:

1) The human body is meant for walking.

2) It is meant for spirituality.

May the Source be with you!

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