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Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Tidbits from Two Coasts

While seated in Govinda’s dining room, I had with me at lunch, Mandala, and a guest from St. John’s, Newfoundland. Her name is Jan Peters. She’s a dear friend and is very helpful for lining up programs and speaking engagements in Canada’s far east coast. Our quaint meeting then was held with the intent to have a great meal, and secondly, to discuss the when, where, and how our next trip to St. John’s will look like.

When? Definitely, I’m set for a visit there in January however, which day is yet to be determined, and the purpose will be to establish, at least in practice, pilgrimage. The person behind the inauguration of the East Coast Trail is Robert, and he will be there to take a group of us on a mild-to-rugged walk. The theme will be to honor dear ones who have passed away. In any event, the notion of pilgrimage has some people interested, as opposed to just walking a trail for the sake of a workout. I’m very much anticipating this.

At 8 PM I flew off on a five hour journey to the far west coast, to Vancouver Island, to do much of the same; as usual, to attempt to raise the consciousness in a humble way. A program was planned at Adosha’s apartment. I arrived at the Victoria Airport late at night. As a favour for Adosha, Jed came to pick me up. Jed told me a little bit about his life’s challenges, and as a monk, you can expect this kind of thing coming from people, and it’s just fine. I asked him his last name, to which he responded, “Bachman”.

“Wait a minute, I know that Randy Bachman from The Guess Who rock bank has lived out here on the west coast for some time. Any relation?”

“Yeah, he’s my grandfather,” said Jed.

“Really?” And then we went on to talk about the small world in which we live, and how Randy was a no drugs, no alcohol type of rocker, and also how Randy and I had both been featured in the same documentary, ‘The Longest Road’, a National Film Board NFB production.

Anyways, good news from both coasts.

May the Source be with you!

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