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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Rice Lake, Ontario

Scouting Around
I've never heard of anyone getting motion sickness in the course of walking.  However, it is a reality for some people who are situated in some type of moving conveyance.  We encountered two incidents with two individuals today.  It required pulling over by the highway's shoulder and allowing the poor victims to release.

Naturally there was concern for those persons who were not having the greatest time with their vomiting sessions.  Those of us riding with them expressed empathy.  One tow-truck stopped behind us, ready to haul us for what he perceived was a breakdown so he could make a little extra cash.  Unfortunately the guy didn’t have any luck and saw a different kind of breakdown.  He moved on.

The actual purpose of the trip to Rice Lake was to scout around for a piece of property to possibly secure for a rural development project.  The intent is to have a facility or retreat for future generations where people can have a break from the material world.  The vision for such a retreat will feature accommodations, gardening, kirtan, yoga, kids' activities and recreational and spiritual events.

Our agent was great.  We were rather open with him as to who we were - a group of Krishna Conscious people.  With that he opened up and told us about his wild side.  At age 19 he got on board a cruiser as a stow away.  There he was, with only swimming trunks on and a djembe with all his belongings inside.  Pretty adventurous I'd say.

May the Source be with you!

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