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Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Saturday, December 19th, 2015
Haleiwa, Hawaii

Being Saturday

Madan was kind to drive me to the place where I left off from the day before, at Pearl City Mall. From there it became a series of complex ramps leading to highways that became part of my route for the day. Because it was 4:30 AM, and it’s a Saturday, these tight ramps were passable. Eventually, I made it to Highway 99, and while still dark (and raining), a Hawaiian fellow stopped and offered a ride. I responded the usual way.

“Thanks so much, I’m a monk, and I’m walking to promote pilgrimage....” One hour later, and he came back with a bag of goodies, including banana bread and M&Ms. He stopped and held up quite a back log of traffic. He was determined to please.

I encountered a bit more of the same. One after the other, motorists stopped to offer rides, and of course, I had to courteously decline, and they would go on their merry way. Being Saturday, I believe people generally carry a more chilled out mood.

It was actually a tree that also demonstrated charity. This was a guava tree situated along the side of the road. I recognized it as such for there being a single piece of fruit that lie under it. It was hard to detect any more fruit hanging from the tree, I just had a wish to have one undamaged fruit to try. It would be nice for a refresher. At that moment, a sizeable guava fell from a high branch, landed on the soft grass below, and rolled its way right to my feet. Yes, it was mystical, and yes, it tasted fine, sweet and succulent.

Madan and I made it to the north shore after 6 ½ hours of my walking on Oahu Island, passing many pineapple groves. We then took a swim close to where all the surfers do their thing. As I’ve experienced in the past, walking and swimming go hand in hand. Our final destination was at the home of Vrindavan Das, who hails from Bengal, and in his home, he has an elaborate altar set up. I consider that- a 32 mile trek from Honolulu in the south, up to the north shore- to be an actual pilgrimage, since it entailed going from one temple to another.

May the Source be with you!

20 miles /32 km

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