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Monday, December 14th, 2015

Monday, December 14th, 2015
White Rock, British Columbia

Bird to Human

A young nursing student, Kuvera by name, and I, took to a trail that leads you to the Fraser River. It was dark at 5:30 AM but somehow Kuvera spotted the feather crane perched on a tree's branch and overlooking the creek. Instantaneously, he reminded me of a yogi in deep meditation, although more probably he was in slumber. At the sound of our footsteps and hushed words of his acknowledgement, he turned his neck and kept that eye on us revealing his proud beak.

We felt that the area is his turf and from that higher elevation he could be most observant over the space, including any meal that might make its way, in swimming format, from down below. He was inspirational to see there in solitary serenity; an admirable state of focus.

I made a visit to see a god-sister, Padyavali, who is spending her days in a seniors' home. Three of us guys, Kripanidhi, Manu, and I, spent some time with her and she really came across in the spunkiest and most jovial mood. We shared in a boisterous time in our corner of the lunch room. I believe she really needed the attention. After all, we may be spiritual, but there is also a call to be human. There's time to be a crane, but not all day long.

Time was also spent in visiting members of the community who will remain as such when given attention. It is an obligation, a privilege, and an honor.

The last installment of visitations was held at the weekly 'Holy Cow Kirtan' session in Vancouver, where we engaged people in kirtan and dance. I'm blessed to be part of a movement that offers a balance of introspection and joy.

May the Source be with you!

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