Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario


7:14. The figure popped up twice this morning. This is the verse from the Gita, and it appeared in my reading to the resident monks, quoted within a purport of Chapter 3. Then again when delivering the class based on Canto 9 of the book Bhagavatam, 7:14 showed up again in the verse’s explanation. “7:14 has something to say to our group,” I thought.

What does 7:14 say? Here’s the translation:

“This divine energy of mine consisting of the three modes of material nature is difficult to overcome, but those who have surrendered to Me can easily cross beyond it."

The energy referred to is the energy we are steeped into. It is nature. We use it. It gives us sustenance and happiness. It also kills us in the form of death. It entangles and implicates us in ways that we can find no ‘out’.

“It is hard to overcome,” states Krishna. However, the second part of the verse offers hope. “Through surrender, through transcending, you can overcome.” “It is difficult, but it is possible,” is what is implied. 7:14, then, is a verse that tells us to never give up.

I had spent several hours in the ashram office today planning and booking for the next 2 months of travel. Valuable time was also given to the rehearsing of our drama, “Krishna Is”, in preparation for our “Bhakti Mela” to be held on December 28th at a theatre in Brampton. After hours of expending time indoors I decided to go for real air and get some walking in. I admit it was difficult to get moving initially, but I was thinking about 7:14, about surrendering and getting beyond.

May the Source be with you!

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