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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015
Vancouver, Canada

Not Walking Again

I had this blissful stopover in Vancouver, a neat hour of time to spend with three of our monks there. They brought me breakfast, they brought me news of the previous day's success, in terms of Bhagavad Gita sales in Vancouver. Recall that it was the anniversary of the Gita's being spoken on that ancient battlefield in northern India.

With the boys we took some precious moments to look at travel plans for the coming months. I'm happy, except for not being able to walk today. Only airport corridors provided some of that after I departed. On flight to Toronto I caught up on some reading, and then watching a National Film Board (NFB) documentary on something that conjured up a deja vu called "The Back Breaking Leaf". The film zeros in on the tobacco harvest in New Delhi, in southern Ontario. Set in the fifties, this old black and white flick brought me back to my youth when I used to labor in the stuff. It was extremely hard work. What I got out of watching it was the camaraderie built around it - the teamwork- and from my own experience, the never give up attitude.

Apply the policy of stick it out, and something will become of you. I am well aware that adjusting our sales is necessary, and that our energies sometimes need re-channeling. The pain point is that the energy or the 'drive', if you will, that we have should always be directed to the positive, to that which sustains - the Source.

May the Source be with you!

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