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Monday, November 30th, 2015

Monday, November 30th, 2015
Santa Clara, Cuba

Breaking Ice With Punks

Walking today entailed moving through the Boulevard in Santa Clara, going back and forth between engagements, a deliberate japa walk, the home of Madhumati, the Teatro space and our hostel. The steps add up here and there.

One great thing about eating in Cuba is that our community members are becoming a bit more bold in the usage of spices. The traditional Indian masalas of garam and chat are making the difference for Cuba’s guests (us). I’m glad we have gone beyond the bland stage and I believe that when it comes to offering the preparations of yuca, rice, okra, cabbage, beans, etc. to Krishna, there’s a few more happy hearts.

Yes, food is the thing. At Teatro, the place where we hold sangas (gatherings) every year, we were able to distribute some nice edible surprises, in terms of flavour, to the newcomers. Not only was the eating a success, the kirtan became a hit. In the midst of the jumping/chanting session, Alex, the magician, got in the circle to enact some tricks. It was a great event and fell in sync with the Cuban rhythm.

There was a group of guys, punk rockers, who browsed their way into our venue and I could see that initially, they sat themselves down carrying an attitude. With a whole lot of not much for young people to do in Cuba, kirtan with a beat and a song and some willingness makes an incredible difference. The ice was broken and the group of uniquely shaved heads and metal pieces stuck in their bodies joined in the fun. I would call them a great group of guys.

May the Source be with you!

7 km

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