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Saturday, December 12th, 2015

Saturday, December 12th, 2015
Vancouver, British Columbia

Very Scary Ferry

I bid my farewells to my brother, Paul, as we puddle dodged along Elk Lake’s shoreline, close to Highway 17, en route to Schwartz Bay where you catch the ferry for the mainland.

Yes, the ferry. It was, today, a very scary ferry as it was pulling out of the harbor. I preferred to remain on the lowest deck possible where traffic was parked. While seated in the car of Jaya Govinda, I could see the automobiles and vans shake around me due to gusts of wind. Waves were crashing at the ferry’s walls, and anybody that happened to be walking along the side of the deck was practically swept off their feet due to the swift gale. On the PA system it was announced at one point to all the passengers aboard the ferry, “Try to remain in your seats, and if you must move, then hold on to the handrails.” And the announcements went on, “In case of an emergency…”

Thoughts were definitely milling through my mind along the lines of: “What if this is the time that I am to leave my body, and it will come through drowning? Will I be mentally prepared? I better put it to practice now – HARE KRISHNA.”

Well, all went fine in the end. The two brahmachari monks that came to join me along with Jaya, were all survivors thanks to the responsible sailing of the ferry operators.

Thanks, guys!

I was keen to attend a program called, “Enchanted”. By good fortune and nothing else, we made it to our destination through an ongoing storm to the district of the infamous 'Main and Hastings', and to a warehouse by a dark alley door, inscribed on it, “Karma Teachers”. There we did chant, dance, and some went into what seemed like a trance in the psychedelically lit room full of kirtan enthusiasts.

We went wild, but we felt safe.

Here’s a quote from Einstein, “A ship is always safe at shore, but that is not what it’s built for.”

May the Source be with you!

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