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Friday, December 4th, 2015

Friday, December 4th, 2015
Varadero, Cuba / Toronto, Ontario

Last Glance

Hayagriva and I took a last glance at the ocean’s beach. The air was still, there was hardly a ripple on the water’s surface. Barely, you could see a dividing line between ocean and sky at sunrise. A touch of magic, really.

Off we went to the airport, and a three hour flight to Toronto. I was contemplating about Cuba and "what would a walk entail," from Havana to Santiago, a distance just shy of 900 km. The only thing that would hold me back from such an endeavour is time, plus the apprehension I feel about diesel fuel spewing out of people’s exhausts. It’s rather nasty.

Also, while in flight, I contemplated the various options people have as to how to see their God. Let’s look at it from a Vedic perspective. Up above the cloud-line the sun is visible, and its brilliance is cast throughout. This vision, of sun rays in particular, is sometimes compared to the brahma jyoti, the ‘light’ that people call God.

As we made our descent through poofy clouds, when land below becomes visible, with its patterns on its surface, this may be compared to the localized God (getting close), called paramatma. Finally, when one lands, one sees all things very close up. You see the field, the trees, the plains, the people. This can be compared to seeing God in detail.

These three aspects of the Divine are known as Brahman (the joyous light), paramatma (God in the heart and in the atom), and bhagavan (God in full, with all human-like, personal traits). You can appreciate God in any of these forms.

May the Source be with you.
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