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Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

Always Acting

An afternoon stroll was really more like a roll, and had Mandala and I moving through Bloor, Chinatown, Spadina, and U of T districts. Mandala was the one taking greater note of people’s response to seeing a monk (me) in a city that sees almost anything and everything.

In front of a church a man standing there did an exaggerated pranams (folding of hands) upon seeing us. Two guys were cycling along, and one says, “Hi Shaolin monk.” A kid about 6 walking with classmates opened his mouth as wide as Krishna when revealing the universal form, upon seeing me.

These were some responses that permitted Mandala and I to respond. This is the basic principle behind acting. Acting means reacting. Reacting never really stops. There’s always a drama.

Mandala and I were actually rushing to get back to a planned rehearsal at the ashram, a reaction to a tight time-frame. We got back only to find out that the rehearsal was cancelled. Somebody just couldn’t make it. That produced a reaction in us. So you see, everyone is either acting or reacting. Also, everyone has an audience, whether it be those intimately next to you, or just God in the heart, Paramatma, being there. There’s either the sun, moon, or both always witnessing you; if not, the gods of nature, the devatas. “The world is a stage,” Shakespeare informed us.

When I try to recruit someone for a part in a drama, sometimes the response to stage fright is, “I can’t act.” My answer is, “But you already are acting, everyone is always acting (reacting).”

May the Source be with you!

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