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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Russell, Ontario

Hook Again
There is this rails to trails in Russell that comes to an end and it is such a shame because every path, I believe, should lead to somewhere.  At Russell's west end, the path becomes partially impassible, overgrown with prickly, thorny bushes.  You can see it coming. First there is pavement, then a clear well-worn trail, then it turns grassy or “fluffy”, as expressed in the words of Pradyumna (one of the comrades with me), and then it turns into “mean forest” at a certain point beyond a perpendicular gravel road.

What was the trail trying to say? 

“I'm the path of no return.”

I think it is more like, “I'm the path which tells you to turn around.”

Okay!  So we did and discovered the trail from a new angle.  And even though this trail runs very much in a straight line, being an old railway track, it does take on a new look when changing directions. There's new things to see that were missed before.  You just have to open your eyes with willingness.

Someone might charge, “There's nothing here.  The trees have lost their leaves.  All appears dead or asleep.  But No!  Now the textures of the bark are exposed.  Bird condos are revealed, meaning their nests are now in view.  You see the depths of the trees and so on.

There's always something new if you believe in deeper dimensions. Similarly, a look at this world could leave you with a physical experience but look again and you will see a spiritual dimension.

May the Source be with you!

7 km

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