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Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Thursday, November 26th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

Identify the Foe

I committed myself to remaining in the temple room for this morning's japa meditation.  I paced back and forth from one wall to the next.  To my comfort and mental peace, the space on each of the two walls was adorned with Orissan style renderings of Krishna lila.

On the eastern wall there is a depiction of baby Krishna who has tackled the demoness Putana.  She lies on her back, devastated, with her life air sucked out, her bulging eyes on their last sight (Krishna) and her claws are spread out with bodily hairs extending from her fingers.

This portrayal represents defeat over the ugliness of evil.  It is a triumphant moment.

The western wall's painting displays a scene from the epic, “Mahabharata” where an attempted shaming of Queen Draupadi is checked by Krishna’s heroic stance in supplying her limitless cloth to protect her honour.

Yes, it is protection that we seek in this world of onslaught and insecurity.

While pacing I began to think at one point how important it is to identify the enemy.  We often mistake our foe for being something external, outside of our very being. Thank God they pop up to remind us of what we have within.  What we think is the enemy is really just a mirror.  It is not Putana that we have to cuss at or at Dushasan, who attempted to strip Draupadi naked.  We have to address the evil that lurks inside and then start to live.

It was really gratifying, passing valuable time in a meaningful art gallery/temple.

May the Source be with you!


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