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Thursday, August 30th, 2012

To The Guru

Sandwich, Ontario

The time I’m not on foot during the day is spent in rest, in dialogue, reading, writing or eating. I should not fail to mention, however, one most important function executed usually in the morning. As Daruka drives me to the spot from where I left off the day prior, we make a point to express our gratitude to our guru. “Gurvastakam” is an eight verse song which praises the guru. Daruka responds to my lead on the song. He is getting good with the pronunciation of the Sanskrit words while struggling with a few here and there. It is a privilege to sing this each morning as we give credit to the master for our spiritual development.

Frankly, I would not be here on Riverside Drive, east and then west, on foot, meeting and greeting people and encouraging them in spiritual life if it were not for him. So I am grateful to our master, Srila Prabhupada.

I made my way from this outstanding water fountain to beyond the Ambassador Bridge. A mere 10 kilometers was left to complete the last leg of the southern Ontario region. I kept in view of many motorists on their way to work. One of them, a hospice care-taker, pulled over and asked if I was a Buddhist.

“No, I’m a Hare Krishna monk.”

“Is there anything going on in the city?” he asked.

“No, but across the river, in Detroit, at the Fisher Mansion we have a temple. I’ll be willing to come to Windsor anytime to present a workshop.”

"Thank you!” and he went on his way carrying a card with my website.

I felt guilty inside that we do not have established a centre in Windsor in order that the good people here could raise their consciousness in the bhakti tradition. I wish and pray that the day soon will come when a responsible couple could come and open up a centre.

One last point: life is a razor’s edge. A little inattention and damage may come. As I was walking along Riverside, a woman pulled out of the parking lot and was so focussed on watching traffic in order to turn. She did not see me and moved forward. The bumper nudged my thigh, I braced the car’s hood. She kept going until I waved. This met her with surprise. She then went to apologize.

10 Km

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