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Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Feelin' Great!

Stuartburn, Manitoba 
I have two good reasons for feeling great. First of all today is the anniversary of the birth of Sr Radha, the divine consort of Krishna and the ultimate Goddess. Secondly momentous for me and my travelling support companion as we had reached our target of the centre of Canada at its longitudinal meridian. This marks the end of the first half of walk #4. It is like shooting a score or making a touchdown. This was at junction highways 201 and 59. Just minutes away from this point, Chris from the Steinbeck Carillion newspaper came to capture the moment. He had asked Daruka, Doug and I to pose for the photo on the Roseau River Bridge. And so we did, with smiles, I hope.
All in all, we see this walking venture as a service to humanity. With it we are encouraging the "natural" movement of humans in the safest and surest way possible - on foot. Doug and I can say that the geese are flying south for their migration - with hopeful success. I cannot say the same destiny is so for the garter snakes which seem to be plentiful in Manitoba. Their migration is much like the wildebeast in Sarengeti, Africa, when crocodiles capture their meal in motion as the herd crosses the river. Out slithery snakes are having challenges like that crossing the road because of the weighty wheels of the cars.
To overcome challenges in this age (and that we have, in all complexity) we humans can better equip and prepare ourselves through chanting. For our moontime festival in honour of Radha, held at the ISKCON centre in Winnipeg we put emphasis on this, the chanting as a way to deal with issues of the day. A few of us shared this age-old process at The Forks, the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, with the public who stroll along pining for inner peace.
Today's trek, golden as it was for the two reasons mentioned before, is dedicated to godbrother Kala, who resides in British Columbia, and who is going through some hospital treatment.
18 Km

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