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Friday, August 31st, 2012

The Corn Path

Clandeboye, Ontario

There is this awesome maize located near my sister's place at Kent Bridge. A farmer's family have turned their field of maize into a maze. This may sound absolutely corny, but it's true. I went there myself to see and experience a piece of the labyrinth, a complex network of pathways which has been designed from an aerial stand-point as a shaped image of Chief Tecumseh. Rose Ann, my sister, and I met Ingrid whose entire family head up the project of fun. People come here to walk the trail which lasts for about an hour. I offered to Ingrid, if she would wish some mantras to be chanted as a small inauguration since today was opening day. She graciously accepted and hence you can say that this place has a-mazing grace.

Rose Ann and I along with our Auntie Bop left for a funeral, the passing of Pete Groenwegen, my cousin. He had led a good life as a dairy farmer, family man and man of faith. The funeral ended up being an intimate family reunion where four of my siblings attended. Reverend Desjardin conducted the service. He is a pleasant people person.

I took a train from London (Ontario) to Toronto. It was one of the hottest days of the summer and the train car I entered had a defunct air conditioning. Time passed by quickly while speaking with Sara, a cyclist, spiritualist and TV broadcaster by profession. Once arrived in Toronto I was driven to the temple/ashram to attend another reunion but one of a different kind. It was a monk-and-nun reunion, I mean to say, a gathering of the men and women who forty years ago surrendered their lives to take up the devotional path here in Toronto. Amongst the attendees tonight were B.B. Govinda Swami, Laksmimoni and Devi Deva.

The chanting in the evening was so enchanting.

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